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Enabling changemakers in some of the poorest places on the planet.

SPARK* PAPUA NEW GUINEA – ACTIVE CHANGEMAKERS: We are supporting 15 new Papua New Guinean Changemakers in April 2013. 

  • John Taka – Seeds of Hope: Funding school fees for children, and creating jobs through a sweet potato farm. Spark* provided $1000 to the project for the first harvest, $4000 of support to scale this objective and is preparing to raise $2000 of further support to improve links with better markets. Spark* has also helped John create a brand and marketing collateral for his organisation, as well as support to help them register with the government.
  • Fiona Selve – Ig Ib Project: Funding school fees for children, and creating jobs through a chicken farm social enterprise. Spark* has provided $800 of support for the project to launch, support with marketing and branding, a website for the project and we are now preparing to provide $2000 of support to expand the project. 

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